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Action for UN Renewal exists to promote an effective United Nations, with the authority and resources required to realise the aims of its founders - international peace, environmental protection, respect for human rights, economic and social justice, and the rule of law.



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Vijay Mehta Biography
Thank you for all you do Vijay -  both the Organization and yourself are inspiration and give us all hope that both yourself and Action for UN Renewal can bring a world without war. indeed it is possible, even in our own time.
Mairead Corrigan Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate

Vijay Mehta is a long standing activist for peace, human rights and the environment, who has set a precedent for striving to change the world
The Sunday Times (London, 1 February 2009)

"Vijay Mehta lends intellectual credibility to the project and wrote 'The Fortune Forum Code for a Sustainable Future', a sort of manifesto that will underpin the group's future activities."
The Independent (London), 26 September 2006

Vijay Mehta is a leading peace campaigner who is working tirelessly for nuclear disarmament, abolition of war and a safer world.
Bruce Kent, Vice President, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND ).

A leading activist once taught me UN values and its mission to solve the world's most intractable problems-challenges that directly or indirectly affect us all: issues such as health, the environment, human rights and justice, peace and security, population, hunger and peacekeeping. For all of our human diversity, the UN represents the global, the local and the truly indispensable. That activist and my mentor is also my father Vijay Mehta
Renu Mehta Founder Fortune Forum Charity

Vijay Mehta is my Peace Hero.
Talyn Rahman, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom.

Vijay Mehta
is an author and global activist for peace, development, human rights and the environment. His life is devoted to the service of peace, humanity and our planet. His global vision is to work together with civil society, international organisations, governments, businesses, as well as with peace and development groups. His priorities are to work for a better world through the universal values of freedom, equality, solidarity, tolerance and human dignity.

He advocates that in a world full of violence and conflicts, peaceful dialogue and education is essential to creating a safer world. Humankind cannot move forward until our governments, leaders and citizens decide to incorporate these values into their daily lives. In his various roles, he has addressed conferences and meetings in different parts of the world.

Vijay Mehta has appeared in various TV programmes including BBC World, Ajtak-24 hour Indian news channel, Iranian national TV, and Think Peace documentary, Canada, among others. The Independent, Observer and Guardian newspapers have written about him, which are displayed in Media.

Some of his notable books are The Fortune Forum Summit: For a Sustainable Future, Arms No More, and The United Nations and Its Future in the 21st Century. Vijay Mehta is president of VM Centre for Peace, founding Trustee of Fortune Forum Charity, Chair of Action for UN Renewal, and co-Chair of World Disarmament Campaign.

He along with his daughter Renu Mehta, founder of Fortune Forum (www.fortuneforum.org), held two summits in London in 2006 and 2007. The summits attracted a worldwide audience of 1.3 billion people (one fifth of humanity) including print and media coverage. The keynote speakers for the first and second summit were former US President Bill Clinton, and former US vice-President Al Gore (also recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize 2007).
He is at present writing a book on climate change



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